Bruno Mars and his Hooligans really know how to get fans MOVIN’ AND GROOVIN’!
That VERY MOMENT he appeared on stage, I was completely captivated by his presence and was just left there to stand and STARE. OH BOY and when that voice, THAT VOICE, shares it’s heavenly goodness paired with some of the most simplistic yet PERFECT dance moves, it penetrates straight through to your heart and it triggers every part of your body to feel overwhelmed with happiness, joy and not to mention goosebumps! But no words can REALLY describe the whole experience. It’s just impossible. Witnessing him for my first concert will always be an unforgettable moment and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life, I still can’t believe it even happened. You gotta go for yourself to really know what I’m talking about. But be warned, you may suffer severe Bruno withdrawals ;)

Here are SOME of the photos I took with my iPhone to highlight and commemorate this surreal experience, I really hope you enjoy them!

If you plan on using any of the images above, please don’t hesitate to ask me before doing so as I would greatly appreciate the acknowledgement! Thank you :)